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Single Vision - this all-purpose lens is available in all materials, and can be used for either distance or near vision correction.

Multifocals -- will be suggested when both distance and near correction are needed together in a single lens.

No-line progressives - correct for far (driving a vehicle), intermediate (viewing the dashboard), and near (reading a map) vision all in one lens. Because there is no visible line, progressives have the appearance of single-vision lenses and are, therefore, the most cosmetically desirable multifocal. Progressives are available in all lens materials.

Bifocals - provide both far (driving) and near (reading a map) correction in one lens.

Trifocals - are basically progressive lenses with visible lines. The majority of the lens is for distance viewing, while the center portion is divided into intermediate and near-viewing segments. video display terminal (VDT) for more than two hours a day, you may need variable

Lens Type Laptop

Computer lenses - if you're viewing a computer focus lenses. These lenses help correct vision for the specified distance your eyes are from the computer screen and the immediate surrounding vicinity. A variety of computer-specific lenses include special filters, tints, and anti-reflective properties.

Sports lenses - come in many designs, colors, and treatments for every sport. Safety is key with sports eyewear, so tough polycarbonate lenses are most commonly recommended.

Computer Lenses

Sun Lenses - should always be ultra-violet (UV) protective.espf-sun