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android speakerphone mic not working

Switch between Headset and Earpiece. Joined Jan 25, 2019 Messages 1 Reaction score 0. I dropped my phone in the water and it is not water-resistant! #1 okbeast, Jan 25, 2012. macgiobuin Android Enthusiast. Hello, I have a new problem with my xt720. The only way round this is to use a headset or speakerphone. I noticed other Android 4.4.4 phones are having similar problems. Although it appears in the bluetooth settings menu with as a Headset with a headset icon, and when connected it shows: "Connected voice, music", the microphone of the speaker doesn't work. Android recording and playing +speakerphone as an option. Question: Q: Speakerphone mic not working More Less. 0. Now the speaker is not working! Acer please can you advise? There can be various reasons why your mic might not be working. If it does, you can go to your phone’s settings, find the Bluetooth menu, and click on the Byte headset icon. Discussion in 'Android Devices ' started by okbeast, Jan 25, 2012. okbeast Member. Today’s post will try to answer one common problem in many Android devices — microphone won’t work during calls. Also, when I call voicemail and change my personal settings, it will record what I say without it being on speaker. My primary mic seems to be broken. 5. 1 . The mic still isn't working on speakerphone though. Microphone problem on HTC One M7 is one of them. I can make and receive calls but if I use the handset alone, the callee cannot hear me. Microphone not working. Please give me any instruction to fix this. My Nokia phones 5.1plus mic is not working during calls . I did purchase a Moto 360 a couple weeks ago and wondered if that could affect. So I'm not quite sure why I am able to be heard in that manner but not when talking to someone. It will help you easily move most of the dust and particles stuck in here. 2 . Booting to safe mode does not help either. Tap listen to music. When it happened again a few days ago, my wife dealt with it all day by using the speakerphone or her Bluetooth headphones while at work, when she got home, she put it back on the Pixel Stand, and later that evening, all was well. No ringing, music, notification alert. Thanks. Rep: 277. Speakerphone not working. If speaker is not working on your iPhone because the person you’re talking to can’t hear you, there could be a problem with your iPhone’s microphone. With a factory reset, you may be able to resolve problems with a corrupted firmware or faulty phone settings, because the phone will go back to its default settings. We pick one typical example below. So, here in this article, we have decided to share some methods that could help you to deal with Microphone problems on Android smartphones. The Motorola Atrix 4G is dual-core Android-powered phone by Motorola. MikeK03. Whenever I activate speakerphone but the other end can hear my voice because it looks like mic not working at speaker phone mode. 4. This makes the phone effectively useless!! The problem appears when we connect it to a laptop. Besides trying for a new set of headphones, you can also go through the above steps to fix the phone speaker not working. I have also checked without putting any case/cover over microphone. In Android, is there any way to route the audio to A2DP using “MODE_IN_COMMUNICATION”? Mohamed. Sometimes it also happens with my Mobile . AudioManager not working - neither turns on speakerphone nor mutes. Find the microphone opening on your Android, and clean off any dust or particles that might be blocking it. And when you are making a call with others, they can hear you but you can't hear them. I want to be able to speak and listen at the same time like we do on laptop. Thread Starter. When i put it on speaker it does work, but not 100& clear. Sometimes the issue doesn't occur. Mic not working unless on speaker. 41 Questions View all . And last, the PowerConf speakerphone has an auto power-off feature that is set by default to power off in 30 minutes when not in use; however, this … Can anyone suggest what to do? As far as I've read the Nexus 5 uses another mic in speaker phone mode (noise cancellation). If it would have been once it could have been ignored. I have been getting this issue on the 11th July Nightly and the 27TH July. Switching to the speaker may solve the problem, but it’s impossible to use the speaker all the time. Jan 25, 2019 #1 I've just set up a 3cx extension on my iPhone. setMicrophoneMute and setSpeakerPhoneOn not working in android audio call only (react-native) ... In-call-manager works fine for playing ringtone/busytone but also want user to have options to mute mic or turn on/off speaker phone while on call. Model Number: MB860. 0. Thank you. Be careful not to damage your microphone. Bluetooth headset connected but mic not working Hi there I connected my Bluetooth headset to my windows 10 pc, its shows when connected " voice and music connected". By monitoring your phone's proximity sensor while you're in a call, this one will automatically turn on speakerphone mode if you take your phone away from your ear, then seamlessly switch it back off when you move your phone closer again. If it’s not repaired, have a professional look at it. I know that it’s important for you to be able to make and receive calls and not have to use speaker phone. If after performing those steps, if your mic still doesn’t work, then the issue is likely hardware. And when i 1st got the phone it got locked with FRP. 0. Sometimes it will not work at the start of the call and I have to cancel the call or switch to speakerphone. Don't really want to send back in. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Especially in calls, there might be varied reasons for such a cause. Permalink; History; Subscribe; Unsubscribe; Why is my external speaker not working? If you’re getting a disturbance in the call. 0. Options. A factory reset will completely erase all the data on your phone so take a back of your phone data before you proceed. For some, half of that simple equation is missing when it comes to the Pixel 2 and its microphone… I have tried InCallManager.setSpeakerphoneOn(true/false) InCallManager.setMicrophoneMute(true/false) but no change occurred. I have an otterbox as well, but have not encountered this problem. Change Android Audio Record Default input Source . If I put the device into speakerphone they do hear me. Audio stream stays on earpiece after using AudioManager. Cheers. In this case, the phone makes no sound at all. Options. Apple Footer. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. It still does not work. thanks This thread is locked. 0. Reply. * Kindly Mark and Vote this reply if it helps please, as it will be beneficial to more Community members reading here. LG G5. I have a resource that will help: Get help with the microphones on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Okay so firstly here are my stats; Lineageos Version: 14.1-27TH-Nightly-hero2lte Phone: Samsung S7 Edge Android: 7.1.2. -----Beware of scammers posting fake support numbers here. I am experiencing the same s7 edge mic does not work with speakerphone calls or voice calls..Although i bought it refurbished from China, I am still very upset because I didn't pay a little bit of money for was quite expensive. I just purchased an external bluetooth speaker with microphone to use as a speakerphone with my Galaxy Nexus. Google Now and all other 'speaker mic' activities work fine, but not during phone call when switched to speaker. Rajath / January 2019. I have an otterbox, but it doesn't cover anything up. Posted: 10/19/2011. Case 2: The Android External/Internal Speaker Stops Working Suddenly. NokSaurabh / January 2019 edited January 2019. Please help. 2 . Speakerphone Works, But The Person On The Other End Can’t Hear Me! But this morning when I tried calling it was as if it couldnt find the builtin mic or speaker. I think it may be because of that. Before we discuss iPhone microphone fixes, try restarting your iPhone — a software glitch can cause this problem too! Some Google Pixel 3 an Pixel 3 XL devices are suffering from a microphone issue causing choppy audio and poor quality during calls. I see your mic only works on speakerphone. Thanks for posting here. When I took it off the stand, the non-speakerphone microphone began working again. Microphone and Speakers not working So last night while I was videochatting with my girlfriend over facebook my stream got really laggy. If the microphone does not work in Safe mode either, then the next step is to perform a factory reset. Thread starter MikeK03; Start date Jan 25, 2019; Status Not open for further replies. … This is a common gripe. Sometimes people can hear me and sometimes they can't. Step 1: Install Tasker. My mic doesn't work at all during phonecalls. I am contacting Nokia for a refund. If it doesn’t, your Bluetooth device is faulty. The best way to clean off dust is using canned air. Seems like a software issue to me. Microphone not working (but speakerphone works) 2011-02-18, 6:47 AM. 1. But every time i tried to use my mic the audio stops and mic works and same vice versa. Now when I place calls I have to use the speakerphone or my bluetooth headset. But since i booted in safe mode and issue still happened not sure if it showed no conflict with moto 360. During calls, the caller on the other side may report that your sound is not audible, or that the sound quality is not good. Frequent happenings in such matters should be checked quickly and solved. I keep bluetooth off. Subscribe to RSS Feed; Report Inappropriate Content; Permalink; … Anyone else have this problem? Thinking why microphone not working android? Consider using a cotton swab or toothpick to remove the harder particles. However when I switch to speakerphone, all is working well. I bought this phone 15 days back and running latest stable version of android pie. Just regularly talking without being on speakerphone was breaking up a bit too at first, I turned off the "privacy calling" feature or whatever it is called and I think that helped with the mic when the phone is up to my ear during I call. But, before we proceed to the methods, let’s know some of the possible causes why your phone’s mic is not working. 10.1.3. When i put it on speaker it does work, but not 100& clear. The bluetooth speaker has a microphone, and works fine (both mic and speaker) when connected to a smartphone. Google Now voice search records no audio and while in call the other side can not hear me talk. The microphone doesen't work when in normal phone mode. However, not to be outdone I can nolonger make any calls as the internal microphone does not work, so no one can hear me. At a minimum, it should be able to make calls, which requires a working mic and speaker. I am having the same issue as you said that mic is not working in calls when speaker is on. Also, every now and then when I sit my phone down on a counter, the phone will just randomly turn off. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided; every potential issue may involve several factors not detailed in the conversations captured in an electronic … Luckily I have my bluetooth mic and user that for 90% of my phone calls but still, why is this happening. There can be multiple reasons why your phone’s mic is not working, especially during the call. So I very stupidly opened task manager and ended a random process that I saw. 0. Android Bluetooth Microphone not picking up voice.

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