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ej20 vs ej25

Item ID 6900 Model(s) Legacy 04-05 WRX 2008-2011* $ 1,295 USD $ 1,450 USD Did u get this sorted out? The thing is i want to just replace the engine because i do not have a place to store my car while i fix it and i figured a engine swap could be a one day thing, so im looking for a ej25 engine and the places ive called the offer me a ej20 japanese engine. For example if i choose to do hg/timing belt/waterpump/vc gaskets would i be able to find the correct parts stateside? Poll - EJ20 vs EJ22. However, I can get a JDM EJ20 which I'm told is a direct swap. I did an EJ25 to EJ20 Swap on my 03 Forester and the timing stuff all fit (Timing Belt, Idlers, Tensioner, etc). So … The reason is stuck rings. EJ205 vs EJ255. Thanks. Is it more economical to push the EJ20 (after bullet proofing of course) to such numbers (with some additional bolt ons)? Or…. 11 sold. once again i just need to know if this is a good idea thanks. You need to go into your stock map and remove the valve control aspects you'll also have to alter the relationships between torque request tip in and other tables to make this run properly. I just bought a 98 RX wagon and after a week of owning it the motor sh** itself (fail not happy) i have a mate that has an EJ25 motor that hed sell to me and i wanted to know if there is a great deal of difference between the 2 other than the .5L? If you want to impress all the JDM guys you should go for the ej20, I know I would. Oil consumption. I bent all my valves on a jdm ej20 sohc non turbo and am having a hard time finding replacement valves. keltik 12 keltik 12 Clearly an idiot; Members; 12 580 posts; New Zealand; Posted May 30, 2007. Turboing what you have already got will not produce good results without spending lots of money. By keltik, May 30, 2007 in 1990 to Present Legacy, Impreza, Outback, Forester, Baja, WRX&WrxSTI, SVX. Archived. If I understand correctly, the JDM EJ20 does not have the EGR valve (I think that is what it is called). Question: Is a Ej20 to EJ25 swap the (reversed) procedure as EJ25 to EJ20 ? :-? Is this true for Australian delievered EJ257s? Am I right in saying the EJ205 is the UK spec and the EJ20 the Japan spec? Montaż/demontaż silnika 4305zł It is highly recommended to use high-quality engine oil and fuel. Page 1 of 2 - Swap EJ20 to EJ25 help - posted in General Discussion: Hey guys! It was the first representative of the legendary EJ series. Does anyone know if the ej25 valves are compatible with the jdm ej20? a true champion if you ask me, so you want to buy a rally car.. you bought the car and you dont even know if it will be able to be in the rally becuase you said you didnt know the requirements. In 1989 Subaru Legacy introduced EJ20 engine which later became the basic for the whole brand. Free shipping. I wanted to know, from a performance standpoint, which engine would be better to use. The issue is that the car will not rev over 4k RPM, is this Limp Mode? 5. Just speaking WRX (FA20) vs WRX (EJ25), you're getting 268HP (crank) stock vs. 265. Not bad. Its cylinder block deck height is 201 mm. Top > EJ20 & EJ25 Guide > TOMEI Technical Report on EJ25: TOMEI POWERED EJ25 R&D REPORT vol.1: Production R&D Engineer Noriyoshi Komatsu Marketing & Advertisements Naoki Yamamoto : Preface : Tomei Powered has begun research and development operations for the Impreza EJ20 engine beginning in 2003 and has been continuing until this day. Posted by. In your opinions, is swapping out the 05 EJ20 for a Cosworth EJ25 a good move for someone looking to make at least 400whp/tq? Hey guys im in desperate need of understanding, here i go, i have a 2000 Forester it has a 2.5 non turbo engine factory, the cylinder head gasket are done and its over heated a couple of times. Some are weaker than others, some have a lot of weak spots, etc. The Subaru EJ20 is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, gasoline boxer engine that firstly appeared in 1989 under the hood of Subaru Legacy. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, troubleshooting, K24 swaps, turbo kits, and more! he would rather sacrifice a championship than lose a friend. My brother in law is finishing up this USDM EJ25 to JDM EJ20 swap after the 2.5 lunched a timing belt resulting in belt valves. So I have a 2001 Forester that needs new head gaskets and has about 200k on the clock. A forum community dedicated to Acura RSX, ILX and Honda EP3 owners and enthusiasts. Just remember that the cam notches are at 12 o'clock, the crank gear notch is also at 12 o'clock, the arrow at 3 o'clock, and keyway at about 6 o'clock. Only concern is … That brings up even more questions about the differences in the heads, airflow, etc. I'm not out to impress any JDM guys, and I dont think the rally around here has engine size rules, so I was just wondering which would be the better choice in the long run. Recommended Posts. the 2.0 is a closed deck design so its head gaskets aren't vulnerable to defective design, but may be to how you drive with a turbo .. and if you truly mean light offroad use, then it won't matter with the turbo. 12.śruby do głowic arp 1090zł. I havent bought the car yet. Close. well, the 2.5 is infamous for head gasket problems due to the open deck design, but a N/A motor has better low end torque for offroad use. EJ25 is the biggest engine among other EJ engines - EJ15, EJ16, EJ18, EJ20, and EJ22. So from what i gather, its mainly plug and play but you will likely have to use many components from the original engine.

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