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spanish shows on youtube

WilliamsonCI Similarly, you might be able to add Spanish subtitles to English-language programming. With Laura Carmichael, Aaron Cobham, Charlotte Hope, Stephanie Levi-John. Level: Novice-High and up (with support) Learn spanish videos Spanish for kids with cartoons. See my Spanish movies and shows page for many more Spanish-language suggestions, and of course let me know if I missed one of your favorites. Spanish Extra is a great place to start. Inside: Spanish TV shows: a list of series you can (hopefully!) So, this will really help you acquire not only the word itself, but other words that you can associate with it. The latest from La Casa de Papel creator Alex Pina,this mystery is set on the Spanish island of Ibiza. I can get them hooked onto authentic resources they’ll remember for years. It might seem silly, but some of the best shows for beginner level students are game shows. That meant 10 minutes of Extra, at the end of class. Destinos is a bit dated, but if you can get past that, it’s a great resource! There is an international TV shows in YouTube TV shows, which include Hindi TV Shows, Korean TV Shows, Spanish TV Shows, Russian TV Shows, etc. (I haven’t finished this series yet, personally, but there is no nudity or language so far in the early episodes.) Learn Spanish with Extra en español Ep1 Spanish ... - YouTube Students in an isolated boarding school become involved in mysterious events and dark secrets from the past, as friendships and loyalties are tested. Learn the story behind the Queen of Salsa: how she began her career in the tumultuous years of Cuba in the 50’s, and eventually rose to be one of the top salsa performers of all time. You can also see Learn Spanish on YouTube for a more extensive list of videos, including shows and options for younger learners.. All of these are authentic shows, and only truly “comprehensible” to Intermediate-Mid or High and up. NOTE: There is a not-classroom-appropriate scene you will want to skip in the first episode. What other Spanish TV shows do you recommend for using in class? About the Channel: This is not only one of the top Spanish YouTubers, but also one of the most important influencers in Mexico due to the variety of videos that are uploaded to the channel. That’s why a good show is gold. Created by Realidades for Spanish beginners, this is another (somewhat dated) mystery show. Success! If you happen to get Spanish-language television via cable, you can look into adding subtitles. Although the acting is great and the scenery gorgeous, the shows disappoints with a shallow treatment of deep racial issues– something to keep in mind if you use this in class. Top 7 Spanish TV Shows To Learn Spanish [Youtube] by Nate Alger. Thanks for the recommendations! All these movies are in Spanish, some have subtitles, some do not. If you click on the link above, you can watch interactive lessons. We want to give you our money), but there are episodes available on Vimeo and YouTube (I have no idea how long these will be there). And, even if your Spa… ), Back to School Spanish Activities: The Ultimate Round-Up of Plans and Ideas, Adapting 10 Tried-and-True Spanish Teaching Strategies to Distance Learning,, Happy Ideas for Spanish Distance Learning Classes. She must navigate life in the modern world while seeking to rescue her 17th-century lover from being killed. A teenage girls who loves to skate moves to Buenos Aires with her parents. If the show if not immediately comprehensible to them, it takes these extra activities to turn the show into meaningful input. The program features dialog in Spanish and English, with the characters repeating what they say in both languages. (Sidenote: I haven’t watched the wholes series.

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